TV Scoreboard

Posted September 14, 2013

While digging around in the closet looking for random cables this week, I found my first video game “console”, Tandy’s Pong clone, the TV Scoreboard. I assume my stepfather purchased the thing, as all I really remember was it being around the house by time I was five years old. We would plug it in a few times a year, and within half an hour someone would get tired of it and it would disappear. I don’t recall the family-friendly revolver with ours, so I wonder if that got thrown out before I ever saw it.

Considering everything else I sold or gave away I’m not sure how I’ve ended up with the TV Scoreboard. It survived their divorce when I was 13, then somehow made its way with me to California when I was 23, and now 17 years after that, there it was in a box of old TiVo parts and 200 ethernet cables.

After loading it up with AA batteries and plugging it into the tv through an RF adapter someone suggested, I unfortunately couldn’t get it to work. All I could get out of it was a second of wavy footage and those wonderfully specific Pong beeps and boops coming from the speaker on the back. So back in the cables box it goes until I just have to try it again in my 40s.

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