Spring Loaded

Posted March 8, 2014

A compulsive flurry of retro gaming stuff has been eating up my time. Before bed I read Grails: The Cool, the Rare, and the Obscure of Arcade Games and RETRO magazine, walking around I listen to the Back In My Play podcast (start with the Quan Nguyen interview, creator of the Omega Consolized Neo Geo MVS), and many hours have gone into hunting down a Sega Genesis.

Which arrived a few days ago via eBay, a very complete and incredibly clean model 1, only it didn’t really work, so back it went. Hopefully the next one will fare better. Waiting for it is a custom SCART cable, Mega Everdrive and so far just a couple games.

Also this week I should be getting back my TurboGrafx-16, which was RGB modded, and also has a custom SCART cable, Turbo Everdrive and various games waiting. This one’s been gone a long time and I’m very eager to see the improvement over its sad factory RF. And I miss Kato-chan & Ken-chan.

Realizing these consoles need some space near the tv, I’m going to repurpose a bookshelf soon, complete with a SCART switch, fresh 12-outlet power strips and some serious cable tidying.

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