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Posted April 16, 2014

I’ve recently added more retro and arcade gaming websites to the sidebar that are worth checking out:

Arcadephile – Vintage arcade flyers, arcades from the past, and actual right-fucking-now arcades. Fun!

Bright Lights Bumper City – Pins, lots and lots of pins.

Byte Sized – Not a recent addition, but I can’t recommend it enough. Solid, well written, digestible content accompanied by delightful scanlined screenshots, and eerily prolific. This is one of those sites I’m starting from the first post and slowly taking it all in.

Game Kun – Thoughts from a gaming cataloger in Japan, he has a nice positive energy and is pretty to look at.

Retro Video Gaming – Just like Game Kun, except a Swedish girl. Her collection’s quite an accomplishment and nicely assembled. Check out those scanned Super Famicom boxes!

VGJunk – “I foresee a night of watching Cabin in the Woods again and eating Haribo shaped like bats.”

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