Mr. Game Show

Posted June 20, 2014

“Want to win big bucks right at home? Well don’t just sit there, run out and get the most advanced game system in the world! Me! Heh heh heh!”

Mr. Game Show was a trivia board game sold by Galoob in the late ’80s with a talking animatronic host, voiced by Randy West, that had enough of a pushy personality in the commercial to make me want one. I remembering trying to convince my mom and grandma that I needed Mr. Game Show, but at around a hundred bucks (according to Hollywood Squares) I’m not surprised they quickly dismissed the idea. A newscast clip featuring one of its creators offered, “There is enough memory, and the cutting edge of technology in terms of the microprocessors used, to store over 800 words.”

Several years ago I finally got my game show host on eBay, minus his logic and 800 words, which may not be such a bad thing.

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