Egret II Tube Swap

Posted March 4, 2017

After having a spare tube for the Egret II in my workshop for several months, I finally swapped it with what I’m guessing was the original, which was rather dim, and with a fair amount of burn-in. I kept putting it off as I somehow imagined the rotation mech was going to be a hassle to deal with, that maybe I’d have to take it apart, or get stuck halfway through, or break something. Fortunately none of those things happened, as it was simply a task of unplugging, removing four nuts, and finding a second person to help pull it out, unless you’re large and strong. Another misunderstanding I had was thinking that it was putting its weight on removable bolts, while it’s really supported by four stationary pegs. Of course don’t forget to discharge, but this is also pretty easy and safe if done correctly.

What did take a few hours, if you’re picky, was fussing with all the pots afterwards. Arcade Otaku has a basic guide that’s as good as any, and there’s more specific examples of tweaking MS9 monitors and schematics if you need it. Only having a couple years experience with all this jazz, I can still become frozen and almost talk myself out of doing it simply because I can’t get it “perfect”, which is pretty funny because analog is anything but perfect, which I like (but then that, and then back again). Finding a nice medium seems key, since what looks amazing for one game may look washed out for another. At some point I had to just walk away, though honestly it could use a couple convergence strips to work out some issues in the corner.

Many thanks to my arcade friends for the tube and the, “You’ll be fine,” encouragement.

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