Happy New Year

Posted January 22, 2015

It’s been 10 years since I stopped posting text here, streamlined to become a photoblog. Photography had always been my motivation in maintaining a personal site, even when the Flickrs, Tumblrs, and now Instagrams released us from the necessity of such hassles — no need for templates and hosting in this world, grandpa! I’d also grown tired of reading my own writing, and less interested in openly sharing day-to-day life. We got married, grew old and hairier, shared less, and in some cases simply died.

Over that time though I started two other sites, one for comics and the other to write about arcade and console games of the past. Each site sort of ignored the other, other than a small link chaining them together in a way. This division made sense to me when I was posting more of one over the other, or lost interest in one for a time. But now I think they may need and even compliment each other. And it’s tidier and easier to remember, rather than sending people to three different sites, let alone maintaining them.

Likely I’ll stick to those subjects and don’t expect to return to the early 2000s mode of daily rants, though who knows. Weekly or monthly, to bi-quarterly, maybe. The itch to document stuff still lingers, whatever the medium. And sometimes the need for context will stuff more into a post than I intended.

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